Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the
oldest, most cost-effective and most
successful forms of digital marketing.
We'll help you build relationships with
existing and future customers.

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Design | Content | Lead Tracking | Automation

We create integrated digital marketing campaigns using various platforms and tools. Email marketing is the perfect platform for promoting your products and services to a targeted audience. An effective email campaign is all about what you say and how you say it, and can be a great addition to your digital marketing strategy!

Our team has extensive experience using SharpSpring, as well as other platforms, to promote your products or services to existing or future customers. We work with you to deliver a customised, creative email marketing strategy aimed at converting and retaining your customers, as well as driving purchases, subscriptions and website visitors.

What We Offer:

Email Marketing Strategy

By creating a powerful email marketing strategy, we can help you keep ahead of your competitors while generating results according to your goals.

Email Design

We’ll create eye-catching designs for your email campaigns that allows you to stand out and engage with potential customers.

Unique Content Creation

Our content specialists will draft personalised and engaging email content in order to build relationships with existing and future customers.

Campaign Management

When managed correctly, email marketing campaigns can dramatically improve your leads, conversions, sales and profits.

Automated Email Marketing

We’ll help you identify opportunities for automated email marketing, and then implement automatically-triggered campaigns to increase customer engagement.

SharpSpring Lead Tracking

Our SharpSpring specialists use this effective email marketing platform in order to provide you with valuable insights and data, and ultimately drive leads down the sales funnel.

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